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Alex Zaheer, Security Intern

Introducing Alex, our Intern from Stanford University this summer who shares with us his experience at Pulse Secure:

"My time here at Pulse this summer has been, in a word, grounding. I came here a day after my freshman year ended, fresh off of spring quarter finals, mostly afraid I wouldn’t have the technical chops for the job I’d been hired to do. But the people here brought me in, showed me the ropes, and, most importantly, were patient with me.

Under Pulse’s guidance, I’ve gone from never having programmed outside of school, to having hands-on experience with a wide breadth of programming topics, from iOS security to user-experience engineering to automated vulnerability checking.

The most important thing to me, though, isn’t what I’ve done; it’s how I’ve done it. Here, my mentors worked with me to find projects that not only fit my interest areas, but also the real needs of the company. I’ve felt that all the things I made here legitimately made someone’s life easier, whether the product is external or internal. Most of my projects were my idea, meaning I was responsible for them from conception to completion (and in defending their relevance.)

I will leave this program confident in my power to make, and I can really only thank the environment I’ve been in for activating that."