PulseSecure Career Images Kanav

Kanav Gandhi, Sr. Software Engineer

Introducing Kanav, a Sr. Software Engineer from our Android Team who shares with us his experience at Pulse Secure:

"What intrigued me about Pulse Secure was how they provide Secure Access by combining their VPN products with Enterprise Mobility Management products.

In my short stint so far we have already shipped a robust release! We are still relatively new in the EMM field and there is a lot of work to be done. Working on a multi-faceted product like this has definitely added to my learning. As an engineer I am looking for challenging work and I definitely find that here! I also get to work with a lot of smart people and am constantly challenged to learn by doing. Being a small company we can quickly connect with different teams to get our problems resolved and executed faster; in contrast to the large company experiences I have had previously. For instance, if I need some information on server behavior, thanks to the open offices, I can just walk up to the team and get my question answered. I love how fast paced the work environment is here!

On a personal note, I love exploring new places, people and technologies. While I get to develop new skills and add new dimensions to my work, I try to accomplish the same in my personal life. A few years back, my wife and I made a resolve to go on an international trip every year. 4 years into it, and after swimming with sharks and hiking Machu Picchu, we are still going strong!"