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Marc Sacoolas, Director of IT Strategy

Introducing Marc, our Director of IT Strategy, who shares his experience at Pulse Secure:

"Working as IT Director for a company who sells IT security solutions is challenging in many great ways. First, Pulse IT’s customers are mostly Pulse network engineers and quality assurance engineers. Networks, infrastructure, process discipline, and IT responsiveness are always under scrutiny. Second, IT gets to use our own products to solve IT problems; a challenge in that we play the role of a customer, and an early adopter. IT plays an important role in giving feedback about nice-to-haves and must-haves to our product team. Finally, Pulse IT is as new as the company itself, and serves established product teams coming out of Juniper Networks.

On a personal note, I love football, playing in a band and spending time with my family. I used to coach high school football for years, and understand the power of a team of people focused on one goal. At Pulse Secure, individuals and IT as a whole get to play more than a supporting role in bringing secure access products to market; an unique opportunity I am pleased to be a part of.

My past experience has been mostly in large scale enterprise IT application architecture, engineering, development, and roll-out. Between infrastructure and applications, I focus on the latter. Throughout my career, I have delivered projects that have dealt with secure access, authentication and authorization. It is fantastic to work with our own products that provide that for both applications as well as intranet."