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Muneeb Khadeer, Program Manager

Introducing Muneeb Khadeer, our Program Manager for all products who shares his experience at Pulse Secure:

"'Humbling,' is the word that comes to my mind when I reflect on my experience at Pulse Secure. My role at Pulse requires me to use the entire arsenal of skills that I built over the past decade to work hard, guide, demonstrate, and enable people within the organization to be successful and energized.

As a program manager for the engineering product group, Pulse gave me the opportunity to work beyond the engineering and product management teams, in close collaboration with different functional groups.Working closely with our Talent Success team, we successfully organized and hosted our first ever Hack-a-thon earlier this year and participated in recruiting at Berkeley and Stanford University career fairs. Collaborating with the legal team to revamp the patent process; and the marketing team to standardize and post-produce new-feature demos to make them available on the go and easy to consume by anyone including the global sales team, was fundamentally a great learning experience.

Moreover, I believe all these initiatives and improvements and more would not have been possible if the people I worked with in the diverse functional groups did not exhibit the right attitude, hard work, and perseverance to make them happen. Being a huge basketball fan, I would like to sum up my experience at Pulse Secure with one of my favorite quotes from a former basketball legend, Michael Jordan: “Talent wins games, but Teamwork and Intelligence Wins Championships.”

Our goal here at Pulse is to be the leading secure access solution in the industry, and I feel we have the best set of people to do so."

I will leave this program confident in my power to make, and I can really only thank the environment I’ve been in for activating that."