PulseSecure Career Images Vikki

Vikki Wei, Software Engineer Manager

Introducing Vikki, a Software Engineer Manager from our Pulse Connect Secure team who shares with us her experience at Pulse Secure:

"As a former Juniper employee, I became part of Pulse Secure since the day this product team was sold to Siris Capital.

Separating out from Juniper induced a lot of changes, bringing new opportunities to learn and experience. We started out by building a test lab, setting up new resource management system, moving the source code into a separate source code control system all of which I had never dealt with before. I collaborated and worked with folk from different teams and had a unique experience that I can indulge on in many years to come.

Working in a small company also provides many opportunities to try different things, to take up different roles that are no longer constrained by a fixed job description. Limited resources sometimes leads to innovation and creative execution of ideas. As a software engineering manager I had the flexibility to work with external hardware vendor directly to complete the next generation hardware – PSA platforms and install the new hardware prototypes in the labs. These are great opportunities that were challenging but thoroughly enjoyable.

Pulse Secure has an open environment that I enjoy a lot since it makes me feel closer to many folks outside of my immediate project team. I see everyone more often and the extra face time helps to ease into conversations that facilitate easier collaboration.

We have many organized cultural team building activities and fun biweekly events that I enjoy tremendously. These initiatives create a vibrant work environment and make everyday so much more interesting."